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Yusuf Osman, MBA
Senior Financial Advisor

About me


   I’m Yusuf Osman, an independent Investment Advisor with Argosy Securities Inc. I have lived in Ottawa for most of my life except for a brief stint at Queen's University in Kingston.  My father was a Medical Doctor and my mother a Homemaker, raising me and my four siblings.  The two major influences in my life, which profoundly influenced my work as an Investment Advisor, was my experience as an immigrant and my Mum.


    As immigrants we had to adjust to some harsh new realities.  A new country, a new culture, a new way of life very different from Apartheid South Africa.  And, for the first time, a struggle to make ends meet. I realized from a young age that successful planning and investing can provide a sense of peace, security and dignity. This inspired me to enter the financial services industry and help people just like my parents feel confident and secure in their financial situation.

     My Mum’s life story has had a profound impact on both my personal and professional life.  Her story, as well as those of many of my women clients, is the motivation and driving force behind my Dynamic Wealth Program for Women.  I wanted to create an environment where women could learn about investing and become more confident in making financial and investments decisions.  To learn more about my Dynamic Wealth Program for Women, please click here.

    Today, I remain committed to educating, engaging, and inspiring as many people as possible to take control of their finances. I am also not one to stand still – I constantly strive to improve the services and processes that I bring to bear on their financial and life plans. I enjoy building close and long-lasting relationships with my clients.  It’s my privilege to them on their journey of life and to celebrate their successes with them.

How I Can Help You


The first step toward financial security is an understanding of your financial goals and aspirations.


We create a road map based on sound business planning principles. So we can help you achieve your dreams.


You've done the hard work and planning. Now it's time to make your dreams a reality.

Our Philosophy

        More than Financial Advisors, we are wealth partners. We develop a dynamic relationship with each client - one that is centered on a highly personalized and disciplined approach to investing. In short, we start with your story... and plan your money around it.

        We believe that it is important for you to understand how we came to our investment philosophy.  So, here's our story:

        Sitting in our boardroom over black coffee and bagels, we have had many a debate (some quite heated) on life, investing and the financial services industry. We bandied about questions like:

  •    "What do investors thinks their Financial Advisors (FAs) do?" and "What Should FAs be doing?"

  •    "Mutual Funds, Stocks, ETFs?"

  •    "Fundamental or Technical Analysis?"

  •    "Buy and Hold or Active Management?"

  •      "Sesame or Raisin Bagels?"

​These discussions, and the research that followed, shaped our principles and resulted in...

The 6 Reasons You Should Consider Working With Us:

    1. Unlike many in our industry, the size of your portfolio does not dictate the service that you will receive. All Canadians should have access to expert financial advice and deserve the full attention of a caring Advisor. Not only at RRSP season...

    2. We are independent and beholden to no one, except you.  No quotas, no dictates as to what we should be offering our clients, no conflicts of interest whatsoever. 

    3. Our Life by Design Plan is based on your vision for your life.  Utilizing sound business planning principles - plan, implement, review, adjust.

    4. We implement your plan through our Flex Investment Strategy - a program that adjusts your income and equity components according to market conditions.  "Better Safe Than Sorry" is our motto.  Which is why we don't blindly follow a "Buy and Hold" strategy. 

    5. We enroll our clients in our Education Program.  We believe that the better informed and educated you are on financial matters, the more confident you will be when making investment decisions.  In addition to seminars and events, we invite you to join our 20:10 Flex Fridays  Zoom meeting for a recap of the markets and how current economic and political issues might impact your portfolios.



    6.  Finally, we provide a fresh perspective to Retirement and Estate Planning. One that should allow you to retire earlier and more comfortably. All the while ensuring that your children, grandchildren (charities, maybe) are also cared for.

      So, we drink more coffee and eat more bagels, look at more charts, communicate more with our clients, agree (and disagree) more than most in the business. But that’s okay, because it serves to keep us focused on our job – helping you realize your dreams.

The Right "Fit"

    We are selective in establishing new client relationships so that we can focus our attention and resources on you without compromising the quality of our services.  We also know that in order for an ideal wealth partnership to work, the right “fit” is necessary.  We find that our clients generally share these characteristics: 

  • They understand the value of working with a partner – someone with whom they can develop a trusting & respectful relationship to build and preserve wealth.

  •  They share our investment philosophy – one based on a highly personalized and disciplined approach to investing .  And they understand the value in a dynamic approach that responds to changing market conditions. 


  • They have the capacity, commitment and discipline to set and meet meaningful financial goals.

  • They are passionate about their lives and are people with whom we enjoy spending time.

Does this sounds like you? If so, we'd love to hear from you.


Get in Touch

We find no greater satisfaction than in helping our clients live the lives they’ve imagined.

We invite you to contact us to learn more about our unique approach to service, communication and wealth management.


We respect your privacy and would never share your information with anyone.

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