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A Wealth Program for
Dynamic Women

Most of my clients are highly responsible women, living full and busy lives, juggling multiple responsibilities - careers, children, caring for elderly parents....  As a result, many have ignored their financial affairs or allowed others to make decisions for them, losing their voice.  But, when life changes and their money becomes a top priority, they may not have sufficient confidence in their investment knowledge.  Which could undermine their sense of safety and financial security.  And most realize they may only have one chance to get it right. 

These women don't want to just be told what to do.  They want to understand their money and be engaged in the decision-making process.

Whether you are a career woman, a single mother, a trusting wife, an entrepreneur, divorced or lost a spouse or partner, chances are you share the same concerns:

  • Can I maintain my lifestyle?

  • Will I run out of money?

  • How can I feel more confident in my decisions?

My vision is to create an environment where you can become inspired, engaged and more confident in the financial decisions you make for you and your family through our Dynamic Wealth Process.

Dynamic Wealth Process

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Working together.

1.  We create your Life by Design Plan;

Where you begin to create a vision of what is possible. Where you gain more clarity in your life.  And where we create a simple, but effective, plan that will guide you along the way.    

2.  We implement your Flex Investment Strategy;

Your desire for safety is our first priority.  But your need for income and growth cannot be ignored.  We help you find the balance so that you can rest easy.

3.  You become a part of our Engaging Women's Program;

You want to be more engaged in your financial life.  We have created an environment where learning about finances and investing can be fun and interesting.  To educate and support you so that you might feel more confident in your investment decisions. 

Why Women?

My Story

When my Mum was very young, her father left their home, leaving her Mother to raise 4 children on her own.  Adding to their difficulty was the fact that opportunities were scarce in South Africa during the Apartheid era.  Out of necessity, my Mum was forced to leave school in Grade 5 so that she could help the family. When she was 19, she met my father who was 9 years her senior and about to graduate from Medical School.

Despite the fact that my Mum had little formal education, she was well-read and informed.  And perfectly capable of making good decisions.  However, because of my Dad’s position and age, she deferred to him. No wonder that he made all the decisions for the family, including the investment decisions.  As a young man who loved and respected his mother very much, it bothered me a great deal that she did not have a voice.

When I became a Financial Advisor, I realized that my Mum's story was not unique.  So many women, for so many reasons, tend to defer investment decisions to others.  Often causing them to feel vulnerable and less secure about their futures.  This is unacceptable to me.  That's why I made a commitment to focus a majority of my time, energy and practice on creating an environment where you could learn about investing, become more engaged in your financial affairs and, inspire you to be more confident with your financial decisions.  


Take Control of Your Financial Future

Our Process

1.  We start your Life by Design Plan by:

  • Clarifying the purpose of your money.

  • Defining the life you envision for yourself

  • Reviewing your assets & resources

  • Discussing your negotiables versus non-negotiables


2.  We incorporate your Flex Investment Strategy (Click here for Our Investment Philosophy).  Our strategy involves the following:

  • Confirming your Income requirements.

  • Understanding your long-term need for growth

  • Proactively identifying when to enter and exit the markets

  • Identifying appropriate options and opportunities


3.  You become a part of our Engaging Women's Program through;

  • Life by Design workshops

  • Investing for the Savvy Woman seminars

  • 20:10 Flex Friday webinars

  • Your Investment Journal

  • Special Events

Investment Philosophy
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